Influencer Marketing - The Newest Channel

Influencers - the new 'Media Buy' - have become one of the strongest channels in marketing today - but many are struggling with proving the true power of an Influencer's audience.  ROI nows stands for 'Return on Influence'.   Join us for this Influencer Marketing webinar to learn how you can easily determine ROI by combining multiple Influencer measurement tools into one, easy to use app, allowing you to 'prove' true influence for every campaign you run.

Gain Insight through our Complimentary Influencer Webinar

Don't buy into the falicy that the number of 'followers' an Influencer has determines their true influence! Engagement trumps followers! Influencers can have a small following but create strong engagement - or they can have a large following but fail miserably with engagement. Prove impressions by actually measuring the number of times a hashtag is used by an influencer's followers in a given campaign!


  • How to build a strong & private list of influencers for your campaigns
  • How to leverage influencers that are authorities in your product areas
  • How you can tap into these influencers’ thousands of trusted followers
  • How to ‘prove’ the effectiveness of your influencers
  • How to measure the true ROI of your influencers
  • How to eliminate the use of multiple tools - and save $$
  • How to leverage the right hashtags to drive campaign success
  • How to automate your Influencer Marketing process
  • How to maximize & measure sharing with Influencers to amplify conversions and decrease acquisition costs
  • How to give influencers credit for both direct & indirect influence

Webinar will last
approximately 3/4 of an hour


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